mission statement.

Red Tentacle is a multi-facet music solutions company offering a variety of services for independent artists, music industry professionals and small businesses. Founded in the shifting age of the digital music revolution, Red Tentacle was not only built on adaptation but created because of it.

Our mission is simple: Help the artist achieve creative independence. By encompassing a vast array of services Red Tentacle can free up more time for artists to do what they do best... create art.


our services.


Whether you are an artist or small business, we can assist you in marketing your brand, creating a short or long term project plan and customizing your online presence.


Let us assist in properly branding you, your band or company and help with getting the necessary merchandise and promotional items to leave a lasting imprint. In addition to assisting with merchandise planning we have also worked as professional merchandise sellers for many professional touring acts including such artists as Weird Al Yankovic, Journey, Randy Bachman, Dallas Smith, Honeymoon Suite, and many others.


With hundreds of events and concerts under our belts, our team can help make sure your next concert or special event is a memorable experience.


Whether promoting an album release, tour or some other special event, we can help line up creative and unique media and promotional opportunities.


Allow our established team infrastructure to assist with accomplishing your desired goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. We can undertake the tedious tasks and help lighten the workload so you, the artist, can do what you do best... create art!

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Red Tentacle Music Solutions was established from a vision by musicpreneurs Josh Hogan and Hassan King to help independent musicians and small businesses. Their tireless pursuit of passion and love for music combined with the overwhelming fear of being trapped in a soul-sucking corporate cubicle for the remainder of their lives helped ignite a motivational fire in these two like minded individuals.